Wednesday, 2 September 2015

BBC News 2 September 2015. Drinking ABHR's.

Drinkers 'raided London hospitals for alcohol-based hand gel

A man who nearly died from drinking hand gel containing alcohol, has detailed how he was part of a group which systematically raided London hospitals for a drink.

This is by no means a new problem and has been happening for many years in most areas where ABHR's are readily available.

Non Alcohol based hand rubs are indicated for use in children's wards, for elderly patients, units treating addiction and wards where patients may be suffering from confusion.

Is it time to consider the use of non alcohol based hand rubs in areas where there is easy public access.

Esense Hand Foam Rub in a non alcohol based hand rub, which has 3 active ingredients. The efficacy is equal to that of ABHR's and provides an excellent alternative to those healthcare workers, patients and visitors who for a number of reason do not like using the current ABHR on offer. By providing an alternative for the choice of the end user will enhance hand hygiene compliance.

It will also prevent headlines hitting the news such as that on the BBC today.

Esense Hand Foam Rub is one of the products in the Ebiox non alcohol based hand hygiene system. For more information go to

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