Wednesday, 22 July 2015

It Is Time To Look At Textiles Used In Healthcare

Despite the much investment in training and product related to hand hygiene in Healthcare Facilities, rates of Healthcare Acquired Infections still remain a major concern. Yes the "headline" pathogens such as MRSA and C.Diff have declined many others remain a threat.

So despite what some authorities say hand hygiene is not the only answer and there is a need to look at other areas which could be harbouring pathogens, yes hands are the main transport mode but only for example if there is contamination of surfaces and equipment in the vicinity of patients for hands to transport.

Could textiles be classed as a "surface". It is now well documented that textiles used in Healthcare Workers Clothing, Patient Clothing and Linens are contaminated with pathogens. These "surfaces" are either in direct contact with the patient or the hands of HCW's and thus there is the potential for the pathogens to spread.

This concern is supported in many ways now. Separation curtains around clinical areas and beds for example are now being changed to disposables, HCW's ties should no longer be used. Very specific laundering processes are used to reduce any bio-burden there maybe in clothing and linen. All to reduce the potential of HAI's.

Is it therefore not time to look how textiles such as Livinguard can be utilised in the manufacture of HCW's and Patient Clothing and Linen. With it's patented anti-microbial and fluid repellent coatings it could play a major role in reducing the bio-burden of the "surfaces" which harbour the pathogens for the hands to transport.

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