Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Distribution Network Agreed in China

Ebiox is excited to announce that their working partnership with Dalian EBOS Trade has been developed to cover the whole of China and the complete Ebiox portfolio of products.

Dalian EBOS is a young and dynamic company which has had great success in the past promoting Ebiox’s instrument cleaning product Ultra L.

With access to a network of over 200 “local” distributors they provide extensive coverage for the promotion of the three product groups, Instrument Cleaning, Environmental Hygiene and Hand Hygiene.

Training for the key personnel was conducted in September and Dalian EBOS was the first Distributor Partner to purchase Ebiox’s new addition to their range, Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal High Level Disinfectant.

Ebiox believes this is a major step forward in the expansion of their business in the region and provides a platform to build a strong and substantial business with Dalian EBOS in one of the world’s major economies.

Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal HLD with G-cide™

Ebiox working in collaboration with TM Chemicals are excited to announce the launch of a unique complex active solution for the decontamination of Flexible Endoscopes and other heat labile instruments.

The patented and award winning active G-cide™ is a stabilised glutaraldehyde known as Glutaral C11-C15 Pareth 9. The award was based on 3 criteria:
      Efficacy of the disinfectant
      User and environmentally friendliness
G-cide™ was chosen out of 52 other competitors.

G-cide™ has no free glutaraldehyde as it is all complexed with our surfactant.
G-cide™ is 5 times less volatile than traditional glutaraldehyde.
The low irritancy of G-cide™ allows for dermatological approval for use in skin disinfection products.

Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal HLD with G-cide™

Low volatility and non irritant.
It is extremely effective chemical for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores.
No special Personal Protective Equipment required.
Ready to use no pre-mixing required.
Active for up to 28 days.
2 year shelf life.
Non-corrosive to metals, plastics or skin.
Biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

For further information on Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal HLD with G-cide™ please contact Ebiox Limited:
Tel: +44 (0) 1925 856 271