Monday, 3 October 2011

Ebiox Updates Website

Ebiox has now update their website with information on the new products including Natural Esense, our new all natural ingredient hand hygiene product which can also be used as a Surgical Hand Disinfection Rub, and Trionic A2Z a simple, easy to use and low cost solution to area disinfection such as ambulances and wards, which will fit well into infection prevention and control protocols.

For further information on these and the whole of the Ebiox range contact

Al- Zuhour Private School converts to Esense Hand Sanitising Foam Rub. Safety of the children was key in the decision.

With the concerns which surround the use of Alcohol Based Hand Rubs in schools, colleges and universities the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the US have recommended the use of non alcohol based hand rubs. This especially so following a reported 12,000 incidences of toxicity in students.

Following a recent visit to the UAE it was a pleasure to give a talk to 300 pupils of all ages on the key aspects of hand hygiene and the prevention of infections and sickness in school. The school Al-Zuhour Private School in Sharjah has recently changed their hand rub for the pupils from alcohol to Esense Hand Sanitising Foam Rub. Their decision was based on safety and efficacy, in particular Esense Hand Rub being slightly slower to dry thus allowing the children to conduct a better hand cleaning process.