Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Ebiox Completes a Distribution Agreement for Livinguard

With a number of key areas now identified as vehicles for cross infection, the objective of Ebiox as a provider of Infection Prevention and Control Products is to offer a product portfolio which will give the tools to combat infection in these identified areas.

It is well publicised that hands, the environment and surgical instruments are factors in Healthcare Acquired Infections for which Ebiox has a focussed range of products targeting these areas.

Studies show that Healthcare Workers clothing, patient attire and soft fabrics such as curtains are also vehicles for cross infection. So to try and break this chain Ebiox is now working with a company Livinguard who manufactures a patented range of medical clothing and items.

With the use of multiple coating applications Ebiox can over a range of clothing which is;

           Anti-microbial for up to 75 washes
           Hydrophobic which prevents penetration of fluids
           Hydrophilic for wearers comfort. This is enhanced by the use of
           high quality non linting Poly/Cotton fabric
           Stain resistent for easy laundering

Livinguard kills micro-organisms by a "mechnical" action rather than chemical. The textile is coated with billions of nano sized polymeric knives, spaced in a way that when bacteria for example hits the textile they are physically pierced, killing them.

Due to this being a mechanical action and not chemical there is no risk of resistance.

The textiles have gone through many tests, and has recently passed the EN13795, the European Standard for Surgical Drapes and Gowns for use in the Operating Theatre.

Ebiox believes this is an excellent addition to their portfolio, meeting their objective of providing products which will help close down many of the avenues of cross infection.

Ebiox Signs an Exclusive Distribution Agreement for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

It is with great pleasure to announce that Ebiox has signed and exclusive agreement for the distribution of their Infection Prevention and Control product portfolio for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
We are are very confident that our distributor partner there, ScienPharma will gain success in what is potentially an excellent opportunity for both companies.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Customer Services Update

We continually review the demands on the support we give our Distributor Partners and Direct Customers. We believe that as the business has grown this year there was a need to re-structure and grow the support within the Customer Services Team.

We are delighted to bring on board Palina Meesala who will be focussing on the “day to day” aspects of customer support. Her email is palina.meesala@ebiox.co.uk and direct phone line will be +44 (0)1925 856271.

Wendy Bradford will be supporting key projects and key Distributor Partner accounts as well as providing support to the Head Office team as required. Her email remains wendy.bradford@ebiox.co.uk we will let you have her direct telephone contact number once in place.

Can I also ask that all email orders be now placed using the following address sales@ebiox.co.uk

We wish Palina and Wendy much success in their new roles and this additional support will be seen as a positive step forward in the support we can offer you.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Ebiox Enters the Turkish Healthcare Market

It is with great pleasure for Ebiox to announce they have established a Distributor Partnership with Saniturk who have extensive experience in the Instrument Cleaning and Infection Control sectors with the Turkish Healthcare providers.
Ebiox looks forward to establishing a strong business base in this very important market.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Ebiox Strengthens Their Distributor Partner Network

Ebiox are pleased to announce the addition of three new Distributor Partners.
     ScienPharma - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
     Saniturk - Turkey
     Greenpol Ltd - Poland
The addition of these three high quality partners strengthens Ebiox's Distribution network into these key market areas.

Friday, 14 June 2013

The Case for Non Alcohol Based Hand Rubs and Hand Cream

Hand hygiene products damage the skin by causing denaturation of stratum corneum proteins, changes in intercellular lipids, decreased corneocyte cohesion, and decreased stratum corneum water-binding capacity. 

Among these, the main concern is the depletion of the lipid barrier that may be consequent to contact with lipid-emulsifying detergents and lipid-dissolving alcohols.  Frequent hand-washing leads to progressive depletion of surface lipids with resulting deeper action of detergents into the superficial skin layers. 

Damage to the skin also changes skin flora, resulting in more frequent colonization by staphylococci and Gram-negative bacilli.

Although alcohols are safer than detergents, they can cause dryness and skin irritation. The lipid-dissolving effect of alcohols is inversely related to their concentration, and ethanol tends to be less irritating than n-propanol or isopropanol.
Other antiseptic agents that may cause irritant contact dermatitis, in order of decreasing frequency, include chlorhexidine, chloroxylenol, triclosan, and alcohol-based products. 

Skin that is damaged by repeated exposure to detergents may be more susceptible to irritation by all types of hand antisepsis formulations, including alcohol-based preparations.

So what are the alternatives?

                        Ebiox Esense Antimicrobial Hand Sanitising Foam Rub.
                        Ebiox Esense Antimicrobial Hand Cream.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Ebiox Reaches Distribution Agreement With Citrocel

Ebiox is very excited to announce the Distribution Agreement with a Dutch company, Citrocel. They have developed and patented an ecologically friendly and completely natural antiseptic towel. The impregnating solution is already distributed by Ebiox as Natural Esense Hand Rub and the towel is made from bamboo cellulose which has many interesting qualities.

     Ebiox Antiseptic Bamboo Towels
         “The Natural Choice”.

     A 100% Natural Product from Sustainable Sources
          Bamboo Cellulose Towel
          Citrox Antiseptic Solution

     Bamboo Cellulose Towel
          100% environment friendly.
          Ecological Sustainable.
          Biodegradable within 3 months.
          Bamboo fiber takes 60% more moisture than cotton.
          Bamboo, the fast growing grass, grows ± 60 cm per day.
          Bamboo naturally eliminates 70% of all bacteria and molds     
          (because of the structure of the fiber). 
          Bamboo is almost odourless.
          Bamboo-cellulose is eco-friendly.
          Highly absorbent, soft and comfortable to use.
          Very soft, skin friendly and perfect for people with allergies.

     Citrox Antiseptic Solution
          A patented combination of small & large flavanoids molecules.
          Anti Bacterial, Viral and Fungal.
          100% natural composition.
          Non Toxic.
          Environmentally friendly.

     Product Presentation.
          Single Antiseptic Bamboo Towel.
          Folded and rolled.
          Packed in a recycled material packaging.
          Towel size 24 x 25cm.

     Main Areas of Use.
          Antiseptic Hand Towels.
          Antiseptic Body Wash Towels.

     Can also be utilised as a surface cleaning and disinfection wipes.
     Each individual towel pack can be warmed.

    Recommended Areas of Use.

          Health Clinics
          Family Physicians
          Nursing Homes
          Child Daycare Centre's
          Dental Surgeries
          Community Carer’s
          Veterinary Practices
          Fitness clubs
          Educational Establishments
          Shopping Malls
          Catering business
          Personal use
          Takeaway Food Chains
          Airplanes and Airports
          Public Transport System’s
          Public washrooms
          Play Areas
          Sports Stadiums
          Public Arena’s
          Exhibition Centre’s

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Ebiox Upgrades Website

Ebiox has upgraded their website to include their new products specifically the Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal HLD and Trionic A2Z One Shot.

Also added is a page dedicated to the Product Videos which have been well received. These videos currently cover:
        Trionic D Wipes v Alcohol Wipes
        How to use Ultra SSC
        Instructions for Use for Trionic A2Z One Shot
        Instructions for Use for Trionic A2Z Dry Mist System

Ebiox continues to review their product portfolio ensuring that their offering meets the high demands of Infection Prevention and Control this also icludes the quality of information found on the website to ensure as much information is made available allowing a quick reference point for their current and new customers.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Trionic Is Sporicidal

One of the key activities is to conduct ongoing testing of our products to meet the market needs, no matter how long they may have been available.

We have recently conducted some testing on Trionic Wipes and Trionic Concentrate, with excellent results. We are now able to claim that these products are Sporicidal in ONE minute, please see the test results attached. We believe this to be excellent news and a strong story to tell against some of our key competitor products.

We will be changing labels, literature and the website to reflect the results of these latest tests.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Trionic A2Z Dry Mist System Training Video

Ebiox have released a training video for their Trionic A2Z Dry Mist System on you tube.

Please follow the link


The video is called: Trionic A2Z Dry Mist Disinfection System - How to Use.

We believe it will be an excellent teaching aid.

Ebiox Launches 2013 Catalogue

Updated Catalogue with a number of key new products.

Ebiox is pleased to release their 2013 catalogue which includes two new product lines.

Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal High Level Disinfectant with G-cide.
A gold medal winner at the 26th Congress of Inventors in Geneva in 1998.
Stabilised Glutaraldehyde. Glutaral C11-C15 Pareth 9 (G-cide™).
Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal High Level Disinfectant is pH-neutral, has low volatility and is non irritant.
It is the most effective chemical for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores without having to pre-activate.
User-friendly. No special Personal Protective Equipment required. Ready to use. Operates optimally at room temperature. Can be used in AER’s. Active for up to 28 days.

Trionic A2Z One Shot Concentrate Dispensing System
A unique “decanting” method of ensuring the correct amount of Trionic A2Z concentrate is dispensed to ensure the correct dilution ratio is used with 1L of water.
“Piercer” allows easy and safe transfer of Trionic A2Z solution from the 60ml bottle into the 1L trigger spray.
The One Shot System reduces storage space requirement. Can then be readily used as a cleaner disinfectant.
Non alcohol based. Bactericidal. Virucidal. Fungicidal and Sporicidal*.

*Independent Tests