Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Ebiox Launches 2013 Catalogue

Updated Catalogue with a number of key new products.

Ebiox is pleased to release their 2013 catalogue which includes two new product lines.

Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal High Level Disinfectant with G-cide.
A gold medal winner at the 26th Congress of Inventors in Geneva in 1998.
Stabilised Glutaraldehyde. Glutaral C11-C15 Pareth 9 (G-cide™).
Trionic Endoscope Sporicidal High Level Disinfectant is pH-neutral, has low volatility and is non irritant.
It is the most effective chemical for killing bacteria, viruses, fungi, moulds and spores without having to pre-activate.
User-friendly. No special Personal Protective Equipment required. Ready to use. Operates optimally at room temperature. Can be used in AER’s. Active for up to 28 days.

Trionic A2Z One Shot Concentrate Dispensing System
A unique “decanting” method of ensuring the correct amount of Trionic A2Z concentrate is dispensed to ensure the correct dilution ratio is used with 1L of water.
“Piercer” allows easy and safe transfer of Trionic A2Z solution from the 60ml bottle into the 1L trigger spray.
The One Shot System reduces storage space requirement. Can then be readily used as a cleaner disinfectant.
Non alcohol based. Bactericidal. Virucidal. Fungicidal and Sporicidal*.

*Independent Tests

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