Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Ebiox releases a video showing the use of Ultra SSC

Ebiox Ultra™ SSC

A video showing the use of Ebiox Ultra SSC and its ability to clean and recondition stainless steel equipment has been released on You Tube. The product is primarily targeted for use in clinical environments such as hospital CSSD/TSSU departments.
Product Features and Benefits

       Protects facilities expensive instrument investment 
       Prolongs instrument life
       Removes stains and rust marks
       Removes other oxide films that cause dulling
       Makes instruments look almost “new again”
       Non-abrasive formula 

Why Use It?

       Removes “rust” and other stains on stainless instruments
       Mechanically removes oxide layers
       Helps to reform the chromium ions of the stainless steel
       Prolongs instrument life
       Restores shine
       A blend of high performance metal cleaners and scale removers

How to Use the Product

       Dampen cloth with water – sprinkle with Ultra SSC
       Gently rub on instrument to polish out stains
       Rinse with water to remove product
       Decontaminate as usual 

The video can be viewed by following the link

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Training Partnership

Ebiox Limited has formed a training partnership in the UK with Hospital Direct. The aim is to ensure that all Healthcare Workers who attend one of courses run by Hospital Direct for manual handling receives a module within the training programme on the prevention andcontrol of Healthcare Acquired Infections.

The courses cover a number of disciplines where manual handling is key to ensure safety and the Duty of Care for both patients and staff. They are held at the two dedicated training centres in Clune, Shropshire and Gosport, Hampshire.

There will also be available one day training courses covering Infection Prevention and Control for anyone involved in the care of patients.

For further information please contact or