Monday, 7 March 2011

Trionic A2Z Area Disinfection Dry Mist System

We are very excited to announce that we have signed an agreement with Amazon Bio-Guard Ltd a company which offers a system for total room or vehicle disinfection.

There is a growing demand for total room or vehicle disinfection and there are a number of competitors already offering such devices into our market sector, however there can be a number of issues with the current offering, process time, complex protocols, complex systems, cost, damage to materials in the room and surface wetting.

The Trionic A2Z Area Disinfection System has a number of features which provides answers to a number of these issues:

         Simple and easy to use system
         No complex protocols
         Shorter process times
         No surface wetting
         Cost effective

We believe this is an excellent addition to our product portfolio, one which offers many opportunities and the potential for pull through of other products such as Trionic wipes. Our aim as Ebiox is to offer a comprehensive range of solutions for Infection Prevention and Control.

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