Monday, 14 March 2011

Is the tide beginning to turn?

As we know and indeed we have written about ourselves not all healthcare workers comply with their hand hygiene protocols due to the current product for hand rubs being alcohol based.
Alcohol is supported in guidelines by many key authorities and this in itself is creating a barrier against improving compliance as many hospitals will not “go against” these guidelines, and therefore not offering proven non alcohol based products.
Ebiox has been focussing on helping improve compliance in the healthcare setting, by working with those healthcare workers who have suffered with the use of alcohol hand rubs. No more so than the IPO Hospital in Porto, where an evaluation has been conducted using the Ebiox Esense Hand Sanitising Foam Rub especially by those who have problems with the use of alcohol.
The evaluation has been completed and this has led to the Commission to recommend to the Hygiene and Safety at Work Department that Esense should always be readily available to those workers who have “ intolerance to the utilization of alcohol as hand disinfectant”.
Everyone should be working towards the best hand hygiene practice as the evidence shows that it is the most effective way of reducing HCAI’s. What the IPO Hospital Porto has shown is that there is a key place for Esense non alcohol based hand sanitizing product in best practice as well as providing Duty of Care to both staff and patients.

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