Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Still only ABHR's!!!!!

I read an excellent article today (Health and Social Care Reform) with reference to even greater vigilance for Hand Hygiene as 13th October is Global Handwashing Day.

Yet again however there is one frustrating aspect to all these articles and that is this "We also need ready access to soap and water and alcohol-based disinfectants" my response to the article was as follows.

"I read this article with great interest and totally agree with the comments made.
However I would also suggest that some of the "fatigue found" with less frequent hand hygiene and therefore a drop in compliance, is the lack of choice for healthcare workers, patients and visitors as to the type of hand rub available.

Yes alcohol based hand rubs have made great steps forward in hand hygiene practice but is it not time to have available non-alcohol based hand rubs for those who have problems using ABHR's. By giving a choice compliance would increase ensuring duty of care to patients and staff."

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