Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Youtube Video Trionic Wipes v Alcohol Based Wipes. Removal of Protein and Biofilm

With ongoing discussions with reference to alcohol wipes fixing proteins and biofilms onto surfaces, Jeff has headed up a video which we believe shows how well Trionic Wipes compare against alcohol based wipes, for removing protein contaminate and biofilm.

It highlights two key requirements for decontaminating surfaces:
The need to clean and then disinfect, users of alcohol based wipes for disinfection must use a detergent product for the first essential step, cleaning.
Fixing the contaminate to the surface and therefore fixing the biofilm is becoming a point which is discussed more and more. As we know the biofilm is a layer where bacteria inparticular will quite happily live and grow. Removal is an important requirement of decontaminating surfaces.

The video can be viewed on YouTube the link being http://youtu.be/SO1gRiR-8pU

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