Monday, 13 June 2011

Ebiox Launches a Natural Ingredient Surgical Hand Disinfection Rub

An exciting development with the Ebiox Esense Hand Hygiene Range We are excited to announce the introduction of its first hand hygiene product based on sustainable natural ingredients, Natural Esense™. Extracted from the pith of Seville Oranges (Citrus Aurantium), Natural Esense is a proprietary formula, and is classed under the Bioflavonoid Complex classification.
Tested extensively to European regulatory standards and other supporting studies, Natural Esense provides effective bacterial, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal protection. 
Ongoing testing has shown that Natural Esense can also be used as a surgical hand disinfection rub, giving Healthcare Workers an excellent alternative to current products avaiable in this area of hand hygiene.
“The use of synthetically produced chemicals has been a mainstay of our industry for decades, and it has worked. Now, being able to achieve positive results with a natural complex is an exciting development.,” said Ebiox commercial director Jeff Smith.  “Based on early response in the marketplace we expect many others will share our enthusiasm for this safe, effective, environmentally friendly antimicrobial.”
We are seeing a growing interest in non alcohol based products especially within hand hygiene with Infection Prevention and Control teams looking for answers to help drive forward the levels of compliance to their hand hygiene protocols.
Natural Esense will be made available in a variety of dispensing systems.

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