Friday, 6 May 2011

Use of Ultra P in Dentistry: no blood, sweat or tears!

Any kind of periodontal treatment will affect the gum’s rich blood supply and the result can be profuse bleeding. Of course, every trace of blood must be removed from dental instruments to reduce the risk of cross infection. The unique blend of powdered polymer, cationic surfactants and inorganic salts has been formulated to ensure that Ultra P decontaminant removes 99.9% of organic soiling, so you can enjoy the peace of mind of totally effective cleaning - and so can your patients!
Ultra P instrument cleaner removes all traces of pathogens; the super concentrated quick dissolving formulation cleans at molecular level, removing  all potentially harmful residues from dental instruments and delicate devices. And, Ultra P is also gentle enough to clean heat sensitive instruments. 
Requiring only a 10 minute contact time, this is a very fast acting product that has a superb clinical pedigree.
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